Volume Box Indicator

What is the Volume Box Indicator?

*UPDATE: The Volume Box Indicator is no longer available and we don’t plan to offer it again. It was a special limited time gift to our members. Thanks!*

The Volume Box Tool is an indicator which helps identify high/ low areas of volatility on the map. If you’re a beginning trader and aren’t familiar with volatility, volatility directly correlates with market movement. When the market has low volatility, the price will move “sideways”, meaning it will not travel very far up and down. Inversely, during periods of high market volatility, the price will often make explosive movement and travel much farther.

How Does it Work?

This tool helps the trader to see if the current price is in a red box or green box, and make more educated predictions based on their technical analysis.


In the example shown above, the price had been following an uptrend and was nearing position to its 5th touch on a trendshine, shown at [Ex. #1] above. A red consolidating box had just finished and at the start of a new green box, it touched resistance and shot up. Another example is when the price returned to the same trendline [Ex. #2]. The price drifted down at the beginning of the green box. When it touched support, it made explosive movement to the upper trend line.

This is just one example of infinite possibilities in the market. This tool is best used in combination with other patterns and strategies, to help traders better time their entries.

How Can I Get it?

The Volume Box Indicator will be available for all current 1 Year Students to claim during Aug. 3-10 but will be discontinued afterwards. Current students will receive instructions on Aug. 3 in our Training Group on how to get the indicator.If you’re a new 1 Year Student, install instructions will be included in your confirmation email. Indicator is only available on to use in Tradingview.

We do not recommend anyone base their strategy on indicators. This indicator is not a “magic tool” that will make you win all of your trades. It is a tool meant to assist in your current strategy. We use indicators very lightly in our strategies and recommend that you make trades based on your own strategies, not an indicator.

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