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Who are we? and What do we offer?

ProForexTrades is a team of experienced traders and investors, based in the US and Europe, who train and help beginning traders looking to start their journey into forex, as well as experienced traders who are looking to sharpen their skills and increase their consistency. We do not offer account management nor are we an investment company. Our training is based primarily on Price Action and Elliot Wave Theory. Listed below are all of the services that come included with our Elite Membership.

Live Trading Room (Telegram Group)

This is where we train our students using a more “hands-on” approach compared to traditional teaching styles. We share current trades and analysis so our students can learn first-hand things like: how to spot trading opportunities in real time, how to follow the progression of a trade, when to close out a trade early, how to use indicators when looking for confirmation signs, and other relevant topics. If any of our students wish to take these trades with their personal trading accounts, they are instructed to do so at their own decision. Our trades are sent for educational purposes only and you should not look to us as an investment company. Trades are sent whenever they are spotted and we do not have a weekly/daily quota. On average we send 2-4 swing/day trades per week (depending on market conditions).

VIP Training Room (Telegram Group)

• Additional market setups that we’re watching and chart markups (occasionally BTC, Gold, and Stocks but primarily Forex)
• Expert Posts – Easy to understand posts like we share on Instagram but with advanced strategies and tips.
• Video Tutorials – How to take trades, limit orders, price action strategies, indicator tutorials, how to set up charts like us, calculating risk, and more)
• New Content added regularly by mentors
• Trading Patterns Tutorials [animations]

1-on-1 Mentorship

We are currently working on an app where our students will be able to chat with a mentor, as well as view our training and education all in one place, but until then we use Telegram to communicate with our students. There are certain restrictions on the level of advice we can give, but our students still find tremendous value in our mentorship and assistance. We’d be happy to help you with things like finding a verified broker in your county, getting an account setup, and making sure your first trade is entered properly etc. We also accommodate our advanced students by allowing them to send us their analysis and in return share our contrasting analysis and opinions from our charts. We do our best to respond to all of our students as quickly as possible but it may be slower than a traditional chat conversation. This isn’t much of a problem, since all of our students are able to have in depth conversations with our team over the course of their membership. Responses from a mentors come in 24h or less.

A to Z eBook

Our A to Z eBook provides a quick-start guide for beginners looking to make their first trades, as well the top strategies we use to trade the market. Our eBook is relatively short at around 20 pages. Our intention with this was to create a quick, straight-to-the-point eBook, that could satisfy beginner and advanced traders, while cutting out all of the fluff many eBooks insert to fill space and waste time.

What Happens when I sign Up?

After completing your order, You’ll receive an email within 5 minutes with a link to join our Telegram group(s) and download our eBook (depending on which package you purchased). Be sure to check your spam (a lot of people think the email has not been sent, but it’s in their spam folder). When you’re ready to speak with one of our mentors (if you selected a student package) please message us on Telegram. Tap new message and search @proforextrades. Please confirm the email you signed up with in your first message so we can confirm your membership. You can expect a reply within 12-24 hrs on Trading Days (Mon-Fri). Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

Ready to Get Started?

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