Refund Policy

ProForexTrades Refund Policy

97%+ percent of students are satisfied with our service and choose to continue paying monthly for for our training and mentorship. That being said, there are a small percentage of our customers who wish to take advantage of our service by paying, then immediately asking for a refund after looking at our signals and reading our eBook. To protect ourselves from these few customers we’ve had to institute a no refund policy. This is because once you open and view our services there is no way to give back the information that you have consumed. Before making a purchase on our website, every customer must check that they understand our terms of service and refund policy. Our website will not let you make a purchase unless you check that you understand our terms. This is to make sure that every customer understands our policy before making a purchase.

We are happy to provide you with the service that you paid for but we do not offer refunds on our digital products (signals, eBook, mentorship, etc.) You are free to end your subscription with us at any time by visiting

Best Regards,
The PFT Team