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VIP Training Group – What can I expect in this group?

Our VIP Training group is where we provide fresh training content to our students each week at no additional cost. Learning to trade is a lot more fun when you have informative graphics and videos delivered to you throughout the week. You’ll also have the ability to go back and view previous content from the archive. Some of the materials we frequently post are:

45+ Training Videos/ Animations
80+ VIP Graphics
150+ VIP Market Analysis & Explanations

Live Training and Signals – What can I expect in this group?

Our Training and Signal group is where we train our students using a more “hands-on” approach compared to traditional teaching styles. We share hypothetical trades and analysis on current market conditions so our students can learn first-hand things like: how to spot trading opportunities in real time, how to follow the progression of a trade, when to close out a trade early, how to use indicators when looking for confirmation signs, and other relevant skills that are best taught during the progression of a trade.

How many signals are sent per month?

Trades are sent whenever they are spotted and we do not have a weekly/daily quota. On average we send 2-6 swing/day trades per week (depending on market conditions).

What % can I make in a month?

Our signals are not meant to be used as an investment vehicle. We recommend finding a regulated investment manager if you’re looking for someone to manage your capital. If any of our students wish to take these trades with their personal trading accounts, they are instructed to do so at their own decision. We recommend that traders have their own reasons for placing trades, rather than just taking signals blindly.

A to Z eBook

Our eBook contains all of the tips and strategies that our team uses analyze and trade the market. We have 3 versions available for any level of trader.

Beginners Guide vs. Intermediate eBook vs. Full eBook (Advanced):

We have 3 versions of our eBook available to cater to any level of trader.

Beginners Guide – this is a free, 10 page guide on the basics of forex and how to get started. Download it for free below!
Some of the topics covered are: How Does Forex Work, How to place trades, Elliot Wave Theory, Supply & Demand Theory, and Others..

Intermediate eBook – this eBook is 20 pages long and contains all of the information needed to get started and learn the core strategies we teach. Some of the topics covered are: All Price Action Patterns (In-Depth), Indicators We use, Trade Examples and Explanations, and Others..

Full eBook (Advanced) – Our full eBook contains all of the tips, strategies, and guides from the intermediate and beginners guide, as well as other advanced strategies and methods we use. This book is a complete guide of all of our methods and strategies.
Some of the topics covered are: Tradingview Tools, Harmonic Patterns, More Trade Examples and Explanations, Using Fibbonaci and the Golden Ratio, and Others..

ProForexTrades Mentorship

Our mentorship has been a cornerstone feature for our students over the years. (Now Available in English & Spanish) Forex trading can be confusing, especially when starting out. There are many decisions that have to be made and questions that have to be answered that often overwhelm new traders and prevent them from starting their journey entirely. The purpose of our mentorship team is to help you navigate these questions and concerns with ease. We’re able to solve all the hard questions for students so they can focus on the learning process and having fun!

Limited vs. Unlimited Mentorship

In order to meet demand from our growing number of students, we‘ve split students into two categories for mentorship, Limited and Unlimited. Limited mentorship includes up to 50 responses from our mentorship team per month, while unlimited includes an unlimited number of responses (as the name suggests). If you’re on a limited plan and you’ve reached your monthly cap of 50 responses, our mentors will kindly inform you of when your next 50 messages will renew and give you an option to upgrade to an unlimited plan if you wish. All students who purchased a subscription before we announced limited/unlimited mentorship will be automatically granted unlimited mentorship for the remainder of their subscription.

How do I contact my mentor? How do they know if I have limited or unlimited mentorship?

After signing up, you’ll instantly receive a confirmation email which will have instructions on how to contact our mentorship team via telegram. You’ll then confirm the email you initially signed up with and our team will check to see which mentorship plan you’ve purchased.

When are mentors available?

ProFxTrades mentors are available Monday through Friday, Twice a day. If you do not receive a response instantly, you can expect to hear from us in 12-24h or less.

What can the mentors help me with?

There a great number of things our mentors help students with, including: setting up an account with a verified broker, providing 1-on-1 help to understand the lessons we teach, reviewing student analysis/charts to see if you’ve properly drawn your trend lines/tools according to our training, help calculating your desired risk, etc.

What can’t the mentors help me with?

Our mentors can not provide you with buy/sell decisions or instruct you to open or close a personal trade. We’d be happy to show you our analysis/charts so you can compare it to your own and make an educated decision, but we cannot provide personal investment advice. We would recommend finding a verified and regulated financial advisor if you’re looking for hands-off investment management.

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