About Us / FAQ

How Does Our Team Work?

We are a group of traders who are passionate about learning the best strategies to trade forex. We want to teach others what we have learned and mentor them in their trades. We also have a trading group where we post trades that we are currently taking, and other team members can contribute ideas (if they wish). Our group has grown to be a strong team of 540+ students now. We’re able to come up with very good trading opportunities and spot many trading setups in advance. This is the way trading was meant to be, on your own you can only learn so much, but in a network of traders all sharing knowledge, instruction can spread much quicker.

What do I get after signing up?

Please visit our “What’s Included” page here for more details on membership. or read what some of our students have to say about our training here.

There’s A Lot Of “Forex Scammers” On Instagram. How Are You Different? What do you offer?

To start, we want to make it clear that you should NEVER send anyone large sums of money, promising you overnight riches or account management. We get DMs from people all the time saying, “someone promised me $2,000 if I sent them $300” Don’t ever fall for that, it is most likely a SCAM, no matter how real it seems! The truth about trading forex is that while it is possible to make good money, it’s not as easy as many of the “rich forex gurus” claim it is. These “teachers” like to flash their expensive watches and extravagant lifestyle, in an effort to make you think that you can quickly attain their lifestyle by purchasing their signals or course. We have students who have gone on to develop a strong strategy and make good money in the market, but this came at a great cost of their time. Trading forex can be immensely difficult to manage for the long-term, and many who start just aren’t willing to put in the work to get to the point they initially imagined. Before purchasing any courses our training, you should asses your long-term outlook on life, and thoughtfully consider if this is something you’d be able to stick with for months, or potentially years.

How many trades do you post a week

Our trades are sent for educational purposes only and you should not look to us as an investment company. Trades are sent whenever they are spotted and we do not have a weekly/daily quota. On average we send 2-4 swing/day trades per week (depending on market conditions).

How much money can I make from $XXX?

A lot of people ask us something like this: “How much can I make from $20?” or “How much will my $500 be worth in a month” The truthful answer is we don’t know. How much you make depends on a lot of things (some that are impossible to control) such as account size, leverage, market conditions, time of year, skill level, and risk management strategy. Any signal service who promises you you’ll turn $100 into $1,000 in a week is probably trying to scam you. If you’re looking for overnight riches, then this isn’t the program for you. If you want to learn the valuable skill of trading and how to build up your trading account over time, We’d be happy to help you grow.

Do you tell me when to close a trade?

The trades sent in our signal room are for educational purposes only. If you decide to take a trade with your money, you should have your own reasons for taking it, rather than trading blindly on signals. If we decide to close out a trade early, we’ll notify the group and explain why, but in general we let trades hit their profit and stop targets (SL or TP) and follow their original plan.

If I sign up with you will you help me get started?

Yes! We are very active with our students via Telegram. You can learn more about how we mentor our students here. Our mentors are active twice a day, Monday through Friday on Telegram (username @proforextrades. make sure to type it correctly, as there are many imposters.)

How much do I need to start trading with you?

We recommend our students start with at least $200 to start building their account but if you can start with more you’ll have an advantage. This isn’t enough to make a full time living from forex but it’s a good amount to start with so that your losses won’t hurt as much while you’re learning. We recommend that our students limit their risk to around 2% per trade. Risk management is something we teach heavily in our training. Our team would be happy to help you find out how much you’re risking on each trade once you’re a student.


• You are free to cancel at any time
• Cancellations will be effective the same day you make the request, but you will retain
access to the subscription for the period you have already paid for.
• If you have a 1-month subscription and you cancel on the 14th of the month, you will have access to the program until the end of the month
• Students are free to cancel their recurring subscription at any time. Please login at proforextrades.com/account to manage your membership.


• Given the nature of digital content, we do not offer a refund or credit on initial purchases.
• Users must cancel their subscription before renewal if they do not wish to be charged.
• We will honor cancellations after hours and refund the payment if the email was sent prior to your renewal date.
• For annual subscriptions, we will honor renewal refunds 3 business days after processing date as
life gets busy and we want to be as accommodating as possible. Transaction fees will be subtracted from the refund, up to $35, since this is what it costs us to collect/return the payment.
• Evidence of distributing membership materials/services (or threatening to share/publish) will result in immediate ban without refund and potential legal action.

If there are any questions not covered in the page feel free to DM us on Instagram. @ProFxTrades