Channel Tool

What is the Channel Tool?

The PFT Channel tool developed by our team to help students increase their skills at recognizing channels. It is a script that can be added to your Tradingview Chart to help identify new channels in the market.

How Does it Work?

The channel indicator will scan the market for corresponding high/low pivot points and draw the relevant trend lines on your screen.

How Can I use it?

The tool is slightly delayed, so we do not recommend making it the base of your strategy or making buy/sell decisions with it. The settings for the tool can be adjusted to show many different variations of channels in the market. We recommend using the tool to sharpen your channel recognition skills. If you do decide to make a trade using the channel tool, make sure to have other technical/fundamental reasons of your own that support the trade’s analysis.

How Can I Get it?

The Channel Tool comes as a free added bonus for students that join our 1-Year Training Program. We do not sell it individually. After Sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions to add the tool to your Tradingview Chart and operate the settings.

We do not recommend anyone base their strategy on indicators. This indicator is not a “magic tool” that will make you win all of your trades. We use indicators very lightly in our strategies and recommend that you make trades based on your own strategies, not an indicator.

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